Mother Bear usually makes the porridge in their home in the forest. She prefers it milky so you can really taste the flavor of the oats. She adds heaps of love and a pinch of salt. She stirs continuously as she heats the oath mixture until it bubbles, and believes that you must always turn the wooden spoon clockwise for good luck. When she places the little bowl in front of Baby Bear he grabs the golden syrup with glee and tips a generous drizzle over his porridge. Father Bear prefers to sprinkle brown sugar on his large bowl of porridge, whilst Mother Bear loves to add a dollop of Apple compote to her medium helping.

It sets them all off for a hard day's work as the energy of the oats releases slowly throughout the day. They lick their lips happily when they have finished licking their bowls!

Goldilocks, on the other hand, just loves porridge... as long as it is not too hot!