La Focaccia

In Buenas Migas our speciality is focaccia. We follow the original recipe from the Carmine traditional bakery, using sourdough and respecting the fermentation times as according to Genovese tradition. This allows the enzymes in the dough to transform the starch naturally and destroy the phytic acid allowing a good metabolization of nutrients such as calcium and iron. For this reason we have to prepare the product in advance and we can not prepare it at the moment.

The word focaccia comes from “focus”, as since Roman times it was a meeting point for the city dwellers.

Until modern times, very few people in the towns actually owned an oven. So housewives made use of the communal ovens before the baker cooked to cook their bread. While the oven was grilling, the wood burned at a very high temperature,and what's more important is that the baker didn´t charge money for them to use this heat. Both focaccia and pizza were invented to make use of this advantage, and for this reason the dough is squashed flat, to avoid getting burnt in the heat of the fire.

The difference between focaccia and pizza is mainly the times of fermentation: whilst pizza finishes fermenting in the oven, focaccia ferments outside the oven for at least four hours. Pizza must be eaten straight away, while focaccia has always been a great favourite of Genovese fisherman when they go to work, as it is more delicious for longer!

In Genoa it is typical to have a slice of focaccia with a cappuccino or a bitter white wine.



When Buenas Migas started Clare, our co-founder, added some typical English desserts, as she is from there. It turns out that these recipes have a story to tell.

From the English side, we still follow our guru, Grandma Hilda (Clare´s grandmother) for the Apple Crumble, the Chocolate Bomb and the Carrot Cake. To Rachel from Cornwall we owe thanks for the flapjack and scone.

On the Italian side, we inherited recipes from Nonna Liccia (Patrick´s grandmother) such as the Pasqualina and our Melanzane alla Parmigiana.

Caterina, at the age of 12 kindly gave us our recipe for Salame Dolce, which has been handed down through generations.

Some recipes such as the focaccia di Botifarra originate from the fact that Buenas Migas is in Catalunya.  Some Catalan sausage was placed on top of a Fügassa de Çiôula (onion focaccia, typical in Genova.)

Each year we try out 150 recipes for 10 new products in Buenas Migas.



What makes us tick is very simple. We want our customers to enjoy healthy, hand made products. With this idea in mind, we avoid preservatives, colouring, stabilizers and other strange additives. We do not freeze or industrially treat our products.

We do not have secrets nor anything to hide. For this reason if you like a Buenas Migas product, you can ask for the recipe and we will give it to you.

We do not have secrets nor anything to hide. For this reason if you like a Buenas Migas product, you can ask for the recipe and we will give it to you.




We have seen many suppliers and great companies, but in the end we have decided to start from zero with our products. Our focaccia, desserts, bread, pastries, pasta, salad dressings, juices, fact absolutely everything is made at home. We use flour, sugar, cocoa, butter, olive oil, all of a very high quality. We have chosen not to use ready prepared mixes or buy pre-fabricated products, as we can not explain them to our customers. We like to be able to look you in the eye when we sell you our product!

We believe that the small things are the best.


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